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Azure 微软云计算

Storage Account File Share 文件共享上传大于4M文件报错

上传大于4M文件时报错,参考文档:   处理方法: // See for more information using Azure; using Azure.Storage.Files.Shares; Console.WriteLine("Hello, World!"); string connectionString = ""; // Name of the share, directory, and file we'll create string shareName = "sharelabeled"; string dirName = " …

Azure Files Storage Account

Azure Machine Learning 入门(7)Azure Machine Learning 将conda 环境导入到计算实例或者DSVM中并集成到Notebook

Azure Machine Learning 入门(7)Azure Machine Learning  将conda 环境导入到计算实例或者DSVM中并集成到Notebook     关键代码: conda env create -f azureml_py38.yaml python=3.8 conda env list conda activate custom_azureml_py38 conda install -y pip conda install -y ipykernel python -m ipykernel install --user --name custom_azureml_py38 --display-name "(custom_azureml_py38)" …

Azure Video Machine Learning AML